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Consumer Goods Specialty Chemicals

  • Mission typeNature : Partial Onsite
  • Job Duration1 to 4 weeks
  • Project Level3. Expert Level

Mission Detail

Experience needed: Specialty Chemical Distribution with focus on Personal Care as well as Food Ingredients in Korea .  Food Ingredients (including  Non-alcoholic drinks particularly sports and energy drinks), and Personal Care.  Secondary focus: Pharma /Nutraceutical Excipients

Objective: Help to review potential distribution partners and prioritize according to strategic fit. Provide information to fill in potential knowledge gaps including technical capabilities and non financial information on the potential partners.   Ideally you would have worked with or in some of the key players and have good knowledge of the potential partners.  Help us review if we missed any good potentials.  In the second step we may ask for support in approaching the potential partners to gauge their interest level.

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