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Every member of MissionHeroes can buy and sell professional expertise in our marketplace, as you can easily switch your profile between being a 'Mission Owner' or a 'Hero'. It's a sharing-economy system, where experts solve business problems for companies, and receive an appropriate reward.

As a buyer, you are a 'mission owner', simply select the "Post Mission" function, and share your 'Mission Description' with our members.

When you receive the proposals from our 'Heroes', simply select the 'Hero' whose expertise you consider to be relevant to your 'Mission'.

Once you have agreed on a price, the 'Hero' will confirm the 'Mission' and work until it has been accomplished.

Finally, you can then review the performance of the 'Hero' for the benefit of every MissionHeroes member.


As a 'Hero', you are the seller of your expertise, solving problems and accomplishing 'Missions' for the 'Mission Owners', based on your expertise.

When you find a 'Mission' that interests you, simply click the "apply now" button and send your proposal to the 'Mission Owner'. 

Once you have been selected selects for the 'Mission', you can do the work until the 'Mission' has been accomplished. 

Finally, you can share your review of the 'Mission Owner' for the benefit of every MissionHeroes member.