Taekil Park

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Member since July 31, 2020

Graduated Chung-Buk National University, B.S. in Mechanical engineering (Mar. 1986 – Feb. 1993)

Professional Experience:
– Had very successful experience for over 27 years in various multinational enterprises (Celgard, Syngenta, Nestle, technology company in Japan) with retail and B2B businesses (Lithium Ion Battery Separator film, Conductive film, Coating Technology, Agricultural chemicals, Coffee & Beverage, Milk & Nutrition, RTD, Bottled Water, New business development etc)
– Managed and directed SCM and Customer service, factory operations (planning, purchasing, production, quality, SHE, Logistic, Adm, Engineering Maintenance, utilities), P&L, project and CAPEX management, New technology and product development and commercialization.
– Focus on People and safety, Value added quality and Competitive cost, On-time delivery service, speedy process and decision

– Operation Management based on efficiency and profitability, Changes & Different thinking, Restructuring and Improvement, New Technology and Product development & Launch, CAPEX and Project management, strategic thinking for sustainability, Cost management

Major Achievements:
– More than Ten years’ service (plant set up and operation) in the merged & acquired companies (Celgard, Purina, Pulmuone)
– Mass production of Lithium Ion Battery Separator film in Korea
– Development of new type of High efficient Methylene chloride recovery and Oil refinery facilities
– Development of standardized HDPE bottle for global supply
– Large Projects Execution (feasibility study to completion): 6 plant construction in the world
– Introduction of falling film MVR evaporator to soluble coffee process (increase production yield, capacity and save energy)
– Industrialized New Bottled Water plant project in Pulmuone company
– Management of co-packers development projects

New Business Development in Progress:
– Nano technology business: Water treatment, Bottled water
– Waste recycle: Tire oil
– Refill business









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Technical Advisor

  •  Freelancer
  •  Jun 2019 - Present

Solutions to the investment and manufacturing company in the field of:
- Lithium ion Battery Separator film technology and Investment project (Process logic, Plant design, Product development and Improvement, Ceramic coating technology).
- Chemical, Plastic, F&B
- Large Project management

New business development and Commercialization
- Waste recycle: Plastic, Tire, Oil
- Nano technology business: Bottled Water, Water treatment, Consumer goods
- Refill business

Technical Head

  •  Bjay Technology
  •  Dec 2015 - Jun 2019

 Location: Japan, China
 Responsible for new technology and investment project related to Lithium Ion battery separator film, lamination and ceramic coating process working in Tokyo and Shanghai office.
 Develop site organization, master plan and manufacturing plant (Supply cost, Yield, DMC target, process logic, plant design, product development)
 Set up 3 factories in China - Industrialized and commercialized Lithium ion battery Separator film production plant and ceramic coating plant

Operation Director

  •  Celgard Korea
  •  Aug 2008 - Jul 2015

 Report to VP of Operation, Celgard USA
 Lead and Direct Plant operation (Production, planning, Quality, Engineering, maintenance, ES&H, SCM, customer service)
 Products qualification and customer audit
 Designed and implemented Lithium Ion Battery Separator UHDPE film production plant
 Designed and Installed GAC type Methlyene chloride recovery and recycle facility
 Designed and Installed Falling film type Mineral oil recovery and recycle facilities
 Developed and commercialized New UHDPE films:
­ 7um, 9um, 12um ceramic coated film for Polymer cell, EDV and ESS applications
­ 16um film: Prismatic cell applications
­ 20um film: Cylindrical cell applications
­ 25um film: Mobile power tools
 Passed product Qualification, Audit and Supply: Samsung SDI, LGC, Panasonic, Sony, ALT, Enerziger

Manufacturing Manager

  •  Syngenta Korea
  •  Aug 2007 - Nov 2008

 Direct production and mange people, cost, OEE, quality and HSE
 Lead QMS project with Syngenta Japan team
 Lead APAC regional package strategy project (Package harmonization and standardization
 New HDPE package development for global supply (APAC region)
 Lead Lean Manufacturing Excellence (optimization, excellence, simplicity) with APAC region
 Manage Process Engineering, maintenance, utility operation, Process Risk Assessment, Capex

Corporate Project Engineering Manager

  •  Nestle Korea
  •  May 1993 - Jun 2007

 Establish market business strategy for next 5 years (Technical production area) in line with Global business strategy
 Industrial performance management (Line capacity, labor, efficiency & performance, contingency plan, factory assessment)
 Lead factory improvement activity (Process optimization, best practice implementation, benchmarking, GMP)
 Target cost saving (loss reduction, energy saving, yield increase, )
 Capital investment planning, proposals, implementation and CAPEX control
 Engineering (Process, Industrial service, Automation & control, Safety, Project engineering, Hygiene / HACCP)
 New products, New technology introduction in relation to changes in product quality, Changes in packing presentation or material
 Compliance and SHE
 Keep continuous production through preventive maintenance (CDM) managing maintenance and utility operation teams
 Manage technical budget and expenditure
 Lead Co-manufacturing project and operations (site set up, production staffing, performance management, material handling and logistic, quality control, SHE)
 Capacity increase of Non Dairy Creamer plant, Seasoning plant, Freeze drying Coffee plant, Baby food plant
 Industrialized New dry mixing plant
 Carried out Coffee aroma extraction and recovery technology process project
 Carried out New package and new F/P lines project
 Project Manager, Pulmuone Waters (Nestle Waters):
­ New Pet Bottle Water factory project (Project concept study (commercial, financial & technical justification) and credit approval, new water PET bottle line construction / start up, utilities, staffing and organization, sourcing, inventory and WH management, global standardization, temporary production / engineering managing).
 Process Project Manager, Nestle Russia (Krasnodar, Russia):
­ New coffee & beverage / milk factory (Green field projects) project (green bean silo, cleaning, roasting, grinding, aroma recovery, extraction (hydrolysis), heat treatment, clarification, evaporation, oil extraction, sterilization, CIP, spray drying, storage, waste heat boiler, HVAC).
 Co-packer development: 3 production sites for Coffee mix stick F/P production lines