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Missions that I can do
Taekil Park

Education: Graduated Chung-Buk National University, B.S. in Mechanical engineering (Mar. 1986 – Feb. 1993) Professional Experience: - Had very successful experience for over 27 years in various multinational enterprises (Celgard, Syngenta, Nestle, technology company in Japan) with retail and B2B businesses (Lithium Ion Battery Separator film...


An honest and hard working man from UK. on an F5 VISA Have spent 21 years in Korea and before 8 years in Switzerland. My career is Hospitality but I'm an Entrepreneur in many aspects,

Over 20 years MNC management experience Consulting for MNCs, Start-up (US, German, Swiss, Spain, Singapore) as well as Big and SM companies in Korea US university graduate (Master of Science), Fluent speaking in English Strong business network (Government, Association, Private companies)

Kyunghyun Nam

 Accumulated In-depth Experience and knowledge on running B2B business from leading Marketing, Channel Sales, Strategy and Change Management in IBM and Dell - Korea and Asia Pacific Region.  Successful B2C business management experience for consumer brand and consumer product sales in Daekyo.  Possess business insight from various ex...

Lukas Beech

I am passionate about providing ambitious companies with access to skilled and experienced professionals in Korea, needed for the accomplishment of their goals in the Korean market. Companies need specific, relevant and actionable HR solutions, so as to achieve the implementation of their strategies in Korea. My German, English, and Korean l...

Lukas Beech

15 years of successful professional business experience in Korea, with a winning attitude.