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Kyunghyun Nam

Author Since: June 3, 2020

 Accumulated In-depth Experience and knowledge on running B2B business from leading Marketing, Channel Sales, Strategy and Change Management in IBM and Dell - Korea and Asia Pacific Region.  Successful B2C business management experience for consumer brand and consumer product sales in Daekyo.  Possess business insight from various experiences as Channel Sales Leader to Business Consulting, which can provide effective strategy setting to field implementation.  Successful track record of business Turn-around in Both B2B and B2C business by defining the right Key success factors for the business, allocating right Key performance Index to the organization and managing the proper execution.  One of such achievement was establishing Dell Korea’s Go-to-Market Strategy, leading internal organizational innovation and new channel sales team creation based on the GTM strategy and also achieving turn-around as well as highest growth for Daekyo's new Media Business.  Experienced People Manager managing more than 40 people, 5 teams.